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Workplace Attitudes That Bring in a Positive Shift -Avontix

If you are over an year into work, chances are you are experiencing a productivity slow down and looking for some ways to stay ahead.
Let us look at what are some workplace attitudes that can actually help you get moving ahead with vigor and enthusiasm. The following is not just a simple list, if you apply these you will see the immense shift it can cause not only in your work but also of those around you!
1. Be Enthusiastic Are you thinking, “How can I be enthusiastic when enthusiasm is what I am lacking?” especially when you have been doing the same kind of work for years on end. Yes, that is exactly the reason we are asking you to stay enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a state if mind, a way of being. Make the decision now to stay enthusiastic and look at your everyday work with energy. Tell yourself you will not drop the enthusiasm no matter what. Be an intentional and eager participant in your project and spread the energy out. Remember that you cannot step forward without energy.

2. Be …

Effects of Internet in the Field of Medical Coding -Avontix

Since the Internet is changing the game for every industry, it’s no surprise that medical coding and billing is now hugely dependent on the Internet. In fact, several changes in healthcare industry are majorly cornering the medical coders in very many ways. The internet is pretty much the only long-term solution. To cite an example, every industry has moved from paper work to electronic records. Infact, it is a costly affair nowadays to go for printed material of any kind – both on environment and our pockets! Hence, the use of electronic documents has increased manifold, more so in medical coding after the advent of ICD-10.  After ICD-10-CM replaced ICD-9-CM, the codes have increased from 17,000 to approx 155,000 and include elaborate revisions including: ·Codes are more specific and they cover new conditions/diseases and procedures. ·The new system will ensure more efficient payment for services rendered. ·Easier evaluation of Medical outcomes/processes.. ·The records will be very detai…