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Tips to Learn Medical Terminology -Avontix

The boom in the IT industry has brought some new careers with it. Some of them are related to the healthcare sector like medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding. There are many medicaltranscription companies in Hyderabad that offer training to aspirants and give them jobs after successful completion of training. If you are the one who is interested to take up a career in medical transcription but is apprehensive about the medical terminology associated with it, then this is for you. Medical terminology is nothing but the language of medicine. If it is a language, then it could be learnt like any other language. Usually, the method of learning a new language is reading, writing and speaking. The same concept can be used with the language of medicine also. However, it is true that learning medical terminology is equivalent to learning two languages because many medical terms are derived from other languages. Follow the tips given here to improve your medical terminolog…

Quick Tips to Improve in Medical Billing -Avontix

Medical billers should be highly attentive to details and follow best medical billing practices to generate good revenues for the healthcare providers. The aim of the medical billers should be to submit clear medical claims that get appropriate and timely reimbursement from the insurance providers that help in improving the collections for the healthcare provider. Medical billing can be a lucrative and satisfying career and there are many companies that provide medical billing jobs in Hyderabad.
Medical billing along with the collection process is one of the most important factors in determining the success and profitability of a medical practice. Here we will discuss few tips to improve medical billing practice.
Initial verification: Medical billers should always verify the insurance eligibility for the patient before providing medical services. Many times inaccurate or incomplete insurance information are the major reasons for the claim denials. Vital information regarding patient’s …

Is Medical Transcription a Viable Alternate Career for Doctors? -Avontix

With the great revolution in information technology, the healthcare sector has gained a great momentum. New careers have come with a bang to stay here for long and are making a decent contribution towards a better and healthier society. One of those careers is medical transcription that deals with the transcription of physicians’ audio files containing details pertaining to the treatments, procedures and medications provided to the patients.
Medical transcription is one field which is being explored by many people who are not qualified medically. The reason being, medical transcription does not need a medical course certification and what it requires is a graduation in any subject. But, is this a viable career option for doctors? Yes, of course! Doctors can take up this profession and enjoy a successful career that is of their interest. Qualified doctors in Allopathy, Ayurveda or Homeopathy can make their career in this field and it is no doubt that they will be more successful than t…

Role of EMRs and EHRs in the Healthcare Industry -Avontix

When dealing with health records of patients, we come across two terms – EMR and EHR. Though both electronic medical records (EMRs) and Electronic health records (EHRs)appear similar, there is a significant difference in the two.
Electronic medical records are the electronic version of the paper charts of the physicians in a doctor’s office or hospital. An EMR has all the data pertaining to the medical and treatment history of a patient in one practice. The EMRs help the physicians in tracking data and easily identifying the patients who are due for checkups. These also help in tracing the patients’ health with respect to certain parameters like blood pressure, diabetes, and vaccinations.
Electronic health records have a broader perspective than the EMRs. EHRs are related to the overall health of patients and are not limited just to the standard clinical data available from a clinician. EHRs have data and share information from all kinds of health care providers including laboratories…

Tips for Safe Exercising -Avontix

Guys! How are we doing with our AFC? Awesome… right? It’s been great to see so many of our colleagues take part in the AFC with great enthusiasm right from day one. It’s even greater to see that the enthusiasm is not dwindling with time. All of us at some point in time or the other have had few doubts regarding our exercises and how safe it is to start working out all of a sudden. So, let’s see how we can exercise safely. Warm up:  The first thing to be noted is we should never start exercising straight away. Take 10 minutes time to warm up first and prepare yourself for the exercise regimen. Start slowly: Don’t jumpstart with heavy workout sessions and don’t exercise for long sessions. Start with simple and basic exercises.
Start with slow walking and increase your pace gradually to do brisk walking after few days.Be gentle with your body and don’t exert much pressure straight away. In the beginning days, it’s alright to walk or do mild exercise 2-3 times a week.It is also very appro…

Medical Billing As a Career Option -Avontix

Along with medical transcription and medical coding, another career that can be built in the healthcare industry is medical billing. This is one field which is critical in healthcare industry due to its function of facilitating insurance claims process. Medical billing is a procedure followed in the USA where the health care providers like doctors and hospitals submit and follow up insurance claims for the services rendered by them to the patients. We have numerous opportunities in medical billing in Hyderabad.
The process of medical billing starts from the time a patient visits the doctor for an appointment and ends when the final payment for treatment availed by the patient is settled either by the insurer or the patient where any treatment procedure is not covered by insurance.
People in medical billing jobs are responsible for bridging the healthcare provider and the insurance company that reimburses the services provided by the healthcare provider. This requires the medical billers…

Basics of Medical Coding -Avontix

Medical coding is a unique field in the healthcare industry and there are many companies that provide jobs in medical coding in Hyderabad. Medical coders use ICD codes to classify the various diseases or health problems. The ICD (International classification of diseases) codes used in the USA can further be classified into two: ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS. Mastering the ICD 10 codes is a pre-requisite to becoming a medical coder of repute.
ICD-10-CM:  The CM in these codes stands for clinical modification. These codes developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) are used to code and report outpatient records. The ICD-10-CM has nearly 93,000 codes. Let us try to understand the basic characteristics of ICD-10-CM codes:

These codes can have three to seven characters.Usually, three characters in codes are used as headings and the fourth, fifth or sixth character can be added to give more specific details regarding the treatmen…

Proofreading Tips for Medical Transcriptionists -Avontix

Medical transcription is one career that requires expert skills in both English language and medical terminology. Medical transcription jobs require taking responsibility for one’s work and providing accurate reports with minimal supervision. To achieve this, excellent proofreading skills are imperative.

Proofreader’s job is to identify and correct the errors in the reports that have been transcribed and ensure that the final report that is sent to the client is accurate. The reports transcribed by medical transcriptionists are prone to errors as the people in medical transcription services listen to the audio files and type simultaneously. This brings the necessity of proofreaders who review the reports before finally sending them to the clients with maximum accuracy levels. To do corrections, one must locate the errors first. Let us take a look at some of the common errors that are part of  Medical transcription jobs.

Omitting dictated words- Typing with speed can result in omission …

5 Tips to Work from Home -Avontix

Medical transcription services is a sought after industry for people who look for flexible working hours and remote working. Many women who wish to work but are pulled back by their responsibilities at home and cannot spend hours in commuting to a work place often find solace in medical transcription jobs that offer them the flexibility of working according to their convenience in the comforts of their homes. There are many medical transcription companies in Hyderabad that offer these jobs. Working from a remote place is as difficult as finding a job in the first place. Employees who work in offices have some advantages. They have an environment that is suitable for working; they have colleagues, who share their work pressures and stress; they have all other resources in place that facilitate smooth work flow. All these are not available to employees working from home. However, with some efforts, employees who work from a remote place can also complete their tasks with the same effica…

AFC or KFC? -Avontix

Yes, it is a big question for many.  Should I join my team in AFC or enjoy my favorite food at KFC? But, why? Why should it be a question at all? You are into the second week of the Avontix Fitness Challenge and by now you know that AFC is not about restricting yourself from your favorite food. It is about a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, workout regularly and stay fit. Pampering your taste buds with your favorite junk food once in a while is alright. But, if you are still thinking, why so much importance is given to fitness, then this is for you. Read on…

What is fitness?
Fitness comprises both physical fitness and mental fitness and it is balancing the body’s ability to work and mind’s ability to think properly.

Why fitness?
Fitness is crucial for your health. If you are fit, you are healthy, so you are energetic, so you are confident, so you are successful in whatever you do and so you are happy. This means fitness is important to lead a healthy and happy life.

How physical activity…

Avert These Common Medical Coding Errors -Avontix

Medical coding is a critical process that requires accuracy in order to settle the insurance claims quickly. However, errors may occur in coding that lead to higher or lower payments by insurer which result in legal and financial implications for the health care provider. We will figure out few errors that are common and should be avoided in medical coding jobs.
Under coding:  Due to the complex documentation guidelines and procedures in E/M coding, health care providers often find it difficult to select appropriate codes for the services. In order to avoid claims being denied they often tend to do under coding. They feel safe to undercode because they need not do considerable documentation which may be difficult for them. However, with this practice of undercoding, health care providers may lose huge amounts of reimbursement. Hence, medical coding services professionals should regularly keep on updating themselves with coding guidelines and learn how to select an appropriate level of …

Why Choose Medical Transcription as a Career? -Avontix

In all the ups and downs the outsourcing industry has seen, one field that has been steady is the Medical transcription servicesindustry. Flexible timings, option to work from home and good remuneration are some of the key factors in making medical transcription a sought after career. Medical transcription is the method of transcribing the audio files consisting of detailed medical reports, test reports, laboratory reports, operative reports and discharge summary that are dictated by physicians. In countries like the USA, the government makes it mandatory for hospitals and physicians to maintain the medical records of all the patients for future reference. Insurance companies also require these medical records for the settlement of insurance claims.
India is sought after by many countries for their medical Transcription services.  Medical transcription industry began in India around 1996. A study indicates that medical transcription industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR o…