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Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing trends, there is always consistency in this industry, as long there is human survival this industry will be always in demand. As the number of patients are increasing, doctors can’t do whole process of collecting their details and then transcribing them to text documents isn't possible for them to do by themselves. So, they depend on Medical Transcriptionists (MT) for making of medical reports, this leads to number of medical transcription jobs in Health Care industry.
An overview of Medical Transcription:
Where do Medical Transcriptionists work? MTs work for Hospitals, Health Care Centers or for Insurance companies. You can even choose to work from home as a freelancer, but its better not to consider work from home option at the start of your career. After getting experience you can opt for it, if you want to.     What exactly a Medical Transcriptionist does?   ØWhen a patient, leaves a doctor’s office, the doctor with the help of v…


Sometimes err… most of the times, transcribing can be tricky.  As you need to complete the task before the end of the shift or before deadlines, unintentionally you will end up committing errors that are hilarious!!
 The doctors dictate something, and due to disturbance they are heard as something else and transcribed as the same.
Here are few such funny outcomes of unintentional errors:
1. Dictated as: Issues that need to bediscussed Transcribed as: Issues that made to bedisgust
2. Dictated as: Strong scents such as perfumes, scented candles Transcribed as: Strong sense such as perfumes, scented candles
3. Dictated as: On review of systems today, they brought up multiple issues Transcribed as: On review of systems today, they bought up multiple issues

4. Dictated as: She has five sisters, one of whom is deceased Transcribed as: She has five sisters, one of whom is deceived
5. Dictated as: Patient is encouraged to stay hydrated Transcribed as: Patient is encouraged to dehydrate
6. Dictated a…

Outsourcing Medical Transcription services

Medical Transcription industry is growing day by day and there is large scope to get your things done easily because of those organizations which are providing these transcription services at an affordable price and in an efficient manner. One can rely on these organizations for capable professionals and timely execution of the work. If you even want to work on these services within the organization you need to start a department and recruit all the employees and may be you can’t get that efficiency. So, it would be a better option to outsource these tasks rather than doing within the organization.

Reasons to outsource:
Reduced capital: When you outsource medicaltranscription services to other organizations eventually you don’t need to employ people for transcribing and this will save your cost and also you don’t need to invest on things needed for transcribing like dictation system or software’s to enter data or on employees who transcribe this pre recorded data.
Accuracy: As the emplo…

Why To Choose Medical Coding as a Career?

Medical coding is a career which will be always in demand in the Health care industry, if you are a graduate in Pharmacy and don’t want to make a career as pharmacist then medical coding can be considered as a good choice.

As the number of patients are increasing their data need to be transcript in form of codes to avoid confusion and need to make it understand internationally so the data provided by patients related to their diseases and prescription everything is transcribed into codes and stored for the use of third parties or insurance companies which will use these codes and calculate the amount of claim that hospital should receive.

 Below are few reasons that you should consider a career in this field….
Reasons for considering a career in medical coding:
1. Profession in Demand: Work in a profession that is in demand and hopefully will remain in demand even though there are some software’s to assist but there will not be a substitute for people who enter the details and codes rela…