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Revenue Cycle Management and Why HealthCare facilities should find an RCM partner today! -Avontix

Did you know that Insurers reject nearly 26% of all claims and up to 40% of those claims are never resubmitted? This means every physician can lose up to 10% revenue. Introduction of Revenue Cycle Management Systems can increase payments and decrease the bad debt write-offs.  
Let us see what RCM is and why it should be implemented: Revenue cycle management, as the name suggests, is a financial process, that’s utilizes medical billing software, used by healthcare facilities to track patient care cycles starting from registration, appointment scheduling to the final payment after the consultation. RCM integrates the financial and clinical aspects of healthcare industry by consolidating the administrative data, like a name of the patient, details of the insurance provider and other personal information, plus the details of the treatment received by the patient and his/her healthcare data. The key feature of RCM is interacting and communicating with the insurance companies. The process beg…

Common Transcription Errors and How to Avoid Them -Avontix

Medical Transcription is no casual career! In fact it comes tagged with immense responsibility on part of the transcriber.  The below are some of the common errors made when transcribing audio files along with tips on how to avoid them. Typing Errors These errors are usually made when we mishear what has been said or sometimes because we mistype what we hear. You simply press the wrong key. E.g. you type “busienss” instead of “business.” Sound-alike words This is one of the most regular and also funny errors. It is picking/typing the incorrect words that sound very similar to the word dictated but with a different meaning Examples it’s - short for “it is” and its - possessive
you’re (short for “you are”) and your (denotes possession)
they’re, their and there
to, too and two
here and hear hover and over
which/witch Incorrect spellings of names Names can be spelled in many different ways. Look up the name and spell them correctly. Danny or Dannie Kathy or Katie Sound…

6 Most Common Medical Coding Errors -Avontix

Medical Codingis the process of transforming descriptions of medicaldiagnosisandproceduresinto universal medical code numbers. The diagnoses and procedures are usually taken from a variety of sources within thehealthcarerecord, such as the transcription of the physician's notes, laboratory results, and other sources. Medical coders are responsible for the accurate reimbursement of payments from insurance companies to hospitals and other service providers. This means having proficiency in medical terminology and health related topics.  It also requires the coder to be extremely accurate and conscious to minutest details. Medical billing professionals, on the other hand, act as a link between health insurance companies and healthcare facilities. They prepare and present insurance claims. The profession of medical coding and billing comes tagged immense responsibility as even a slightest error can prove to be very grave and costly both for the patient and the doctor. Errors in medical…

Importance of Proofreading a Transcript in Medical Transcription. -Avontix

Medical Transcriptionist career is all about accuracy. The ones who are working in this domain often boast about it. It is also immensely satisfying and as they function as a part of the health care team and are directly associated to health of the patients. The best part of it is they function almost independently with no immediate supervision hovering around them. All that is available is often online. It takes a lot of self-motivation and a sense of owning up the responsibility. 

Alongside the other skills, one main important skill is the ability to proof read. It means looking for and tracing all types of errors present in the transcribed document and rectifying them.  

In this context it’s important to know what kinds of errors are likely to occur in the scripts: •Omitting the crucial words in dictation •Picking the incorrect medical or English words •Misspelling the words •Grammatical errors in subject verb agreement and tenses •Punctuation errors – This can cost lives! •Sound-…