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Accurate Healthcare Documentation – Key to Improved Revenues

According to the leading health information management professionals, accuracy in healthcaredocumentation and allied services is critical to the generation of revenues to the healthcare facilities. The reasoning given by them is that accurate healthcare documentation fosters the productivity of physicians which leads to increased revenues for the organization. The measures taken by healthcare documentationcompanies for accuracy in transcription should be followed right from the beginning. A template kind of thing should be given to the physicians so as to generate a complete patient chart. Following this method gives great results as the medical transcriptionists will be able to provide complete transcription reports with high-levels of accuracy when they have the full-fledged patient chart. The transcription reports that are generated quickly and accurately pave the way to the faster medical coding of procedures and processes and then the medical billers also have their inputs ready…

10 Realistic Ways to Boost Productivity

In the competitive world that we live in, we ought to work effectively to make a place for ourselves. Being productive is a way of working and most of us face challenges in practicing it on a daily basis. People who can’t focus and be productive usually miss opportunities and can’t reach targets within deadlines that lead to a stressful life. To enhance our productivity levels we need not alter our lives drastically, but we do need to make some small changes that should become a part of our routine. Let’s see the ways we can boost our productivity in the 24 hours in a day that all of us have at our disposal.
Eat healthy and stay fit: It is common sense that to do any work we need energy and it’s even more important that we are bundled with energy when we want to be productive. We should eat healthy food at regular intervals to provide fuel to our brain and boost our energy levels so as to evade energy crashes. Unless we are healthy enough we cannot work to our full potential. …

Role of Technology in Transforming Healthcare

It is a fact that technology is being used heavily in the healthcare industry, although a bit later than other industries and health informatics is one evolving specialization.  Health informatics is a term given to the process of acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of patient information by various healthcare providers of a patient with a combined use of communications, information technology, and healthcare. A major factor in the increased use of health informatics is the increased use of electronic health records as a result of incentive programs for ‘meaningful use’. 
Electronic health records are designed with a view to collect, store and share a patient’s health information from all providers who are involved in the patient’s healthcare. In a scenario where healthcare providers are quickly adapting EHR solutions in their facilities, health informatics will see a tremendous growth as facilities implement new systems and upgrade their existing databases. Let’s see how this ev…

Patient Access and its Link to Increased Revenue -Avontix

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For a health organization to enjoy a good financial position, its revenue cycle management should be efficient enough to bring in timely payments for the claims submitted and collect the amount due from patients. When either the claims submitted are denied or patients are not paying their dues, it results in unpaid collections and bad debts for the healthcare provider. 
One of the ways to reduce revenue losses is having smart patient access. By providing smart patient access, healthcare facilities can see reduced claim denials and improve their revenue cycle management performance. To be able to do this, the RCM services professionals have to collect all the necessary information at the registration process itself. Usually, patients feel that all the work related to registration process is time-consuming and unnecessarily delays the diagnosis and treatment procedure. However, hospital registration process is very critical to collect the necessary financi…

Rules and Regulations that Govern Healthcare Documentation -Avontix

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Healthcare documentation as the name suggests deals with the documentation of healthcare procedures and treatments provided to a patient. As a way to minimize the workload of physicians in documenting their processes in providing healthcare to patients, healthcare documentation plays a critical role in the healthcare industry and gives the physicians much-needed extra time to spend on looking at a more number patients.
For the people in healthcare documentation jobs, it is not just sufficient to master the English language skills and medical terminology to be able to do their work efficiently. There are certain points related to the federal rules and regulations that are to be taken care of while transcribing the data accurately within the set time limits. Professional healthcare documentation specialists are expected to be aware of these legal requirements and act accordingly.
Confidentiality of patient information: Medical details of a person are priva…

Role of Proofreading in Healthcare Documentation -Avontix

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Medical transcription or healthcare documentation deals with the documentation of voice files which is prone to many errors due to the kind of work it involves. Healthcare documentation specialists have to listen to various physicians’ voice files with different accents and document them in a prescribed format. Often there are issues with the voice files regarding the background noises, the clarity in the physician’s speech etc. that give a challenge to the medical transcriptionist. Moreover, many people in healthcare documentation jobs work remotely without any immediate supervisor to rectify errors if there are any. This kind of work needs that the medical transcriptionist is independent, self-motivated and responsible towards the work being done. Being an indispensable part of the healthcare industry, the healthcare documentation specialists take pride in their jobs and work relentlessly for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the documentation t…

Good Listening Skills Lead to Effective Communication - Avontix

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To engage in effective communication, one needs to listen properly and respond. We all know there’s a difference between hearing and listening. When a sound is sensed by the ears, hearing happens; this doesn’t require any special efforts. However, listening happens only when we consciously put efforts to understand the meaning of the words.This requires concentration on what others are saying. Listening by itself requires efforts, so one can understand that listening well requires much more efforts and concentration. To be able to mingle with others easily and actively participate in conversations, it is important that we listen well.
Many people wrongly assume that if they are not talking much and letting others do the talking, they are good listeners. What happens in such cases is that they might be hearing to what others say rather than listening well. Listening is an art in itself that needs the practice to perfect. Here are some pointers to enhance …