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Medical Coding - A Promising Career Option for Women -Avontix

Medical coding is a good career option for those who are inquisitive and can work with perseverance. It is one of the most in-demand fields in the healthcare industry where a medical coder gathers information from a patient’s various medical records and transforms them into universally acceptable alphanumeric codes. Medical coding is critical for a healthcare facility as the codes given to the different procedures and processes performed on a patient are used to process the insurance claims to get the reimbursement for the services provided and they are also used to collect statistics to analyze diseases and treatments.

Demand and Scope for medical coding jobs in India

Healthcare is an ever-growing industry and the demand for medical coders is also on the positive side. At the moment, while I write this article, there are more than 6000 postings for medical coding jobs on a job portal. As India is the preferred destination for outsourcing medical coding jobs, medical coding field is creating multitudinous opportunities for enthusiasts with an educational background in life sciences. At a time when most of the employment opportunities are being impacted by the all- pervasive technology and automation, medical coding still needs proficient coders who can help healthcare facilities with their accurate coding skills.

Medical Coding and Women

Medical coding is a very suitable career option for women. Some of the key skills required to excel as a coder are analytical abilities, attention to detail, strong morals and social skills. 

Analytical abilities: The first and foremost quality required in a coder is great analytical ability to review a number of medical records and analyze which code has to be used to record a procedure accurately. Analyzing is a crucial part of a medical coder’s profession, as accurate coding is pivotal for processing a claim and generating revenues for the facility.

Attention to detail: Coding requires an inquisitive attitude and attention to detail, as even a small error in a code may lead to a claim denial resulting in huge revenue loss for the facility. Attention has to be paid to each and every procedure performed by going through the entire chart to understand the course of action taken by the physician to diagnose and treat the patient.

Social skills: Depending on the need, coders may be required to communicate with other team members, supervisor or the physician and other nursing staff to clarify any doubts regarding the patient’s medical records. Good social skills help coders to go a long way in the career. 

Women, in general, possess good analytical skills and pay attention to even the minutest details. They are also good at interpersonal skills and mingle with people easily. These traits of women make them shine in medical coding. Moreover, this profession is beneficial to women in another way as well. They can opt to work from home after gaining some experience, competency and confidence of the employer 

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